[EVENT] Sony Alpha Workshop

#throwback that day Me and 5 MHB members join the Sony Alpha Workshop at Malacca.


This is a very interesting experience for me. If you know me, you will know I’m actually interested in photography. Previously I’m not very familiar with Sony’s camera, can’t even think about to have one Alpha Camera.

After the workshop, I came back to KL, I keep telling people, my dad (He was interested photography too), and my friend about this awesome Alpha Camera, Sony α7.

Sony Alpha Workshop-01

In the event I heard from many of the professional photographer, they said this α7 is the PRO-est camera! Well, after 2days of using it, it’s really impress me la honestly! I like the photo’s colors the most. After I went back KL, I plug-in my SD card to check, see whether the color still the same as the quality I saw in the camera’s screen.

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My ’20 Facts About Me’

I know I’m so outdated, haha. Recently it’s just too busy for me, no time to sit down and do blog post! Finally I can do this! ’20 Facts About Me’!!

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20 Facts About Me:

1. I’m Taurus girl. I am very emotionally powerful and can handle huge amounts of stress.

2. I like to poses ugly face, and take ugly face selfie! Do challenge me if you want!!!

3. I’m a talkative person. But once you talk much than me, I will become a super silent person.

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