About Me

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I go by the name Aerisk, Adorable Aerisk if you would. I’m a 24 years old with a burning passion for makeup, fitness, fashion, photography, design, anything and everything artistic. Im a Penang blogger but currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I am a full-time designer and it’s make up that transformed me into a blogger/youtuber. I began my blogging adventures in the early 2014 to share reviews and tutorials from my own mini experiments and experiences! Since then, everything else is history! This blog is not only a sanctuary for me to spill the beans on my daily life happenings, but also a medium of creativity in which my face becomes the experiment tool!


Peeps, this is a English+Chinese blog but fret not, it’s not as wordy as you would think because I believe that pictures speak louder than words. Pictures can also help break any language barriers! We, the homo sapien species is known to remember visual images much easier and better compared to words, so I want to make your reading enjoyable and interesting through photographs in my blog. Now, let’s get started!