Althea Box of The Month – Food Inspired Skincare Products

Thinking about Korean beauty haul? There must be! Today I am going to unboxing my November Beauty Box – Food Inspired Skincare Products from Althea Korea!
Can you imagine food and beauty can works together??? lol
There is 4 items in the box. First, let’s go on this little cute hand cream.
They have very cute packaging which looks like a chocolate cookies. When you open the packaging, you can see the pearl shinny and creamy texture of the hand cream. The scents of this hand cream impressed me!! It is so real, smells like the REAL CREAM!!! If you not the creamy scents person (like me), it will freak you out! lol It has a smooth texture and easily absorb into hands without making hands sticky.
Original Pricing: RM50
Discount: 22%
Althea Pricing: RM39
Do you know what is the reason of skin looks dull and dry? Makeup doesn’t want to stay on your face? Reason being is dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can blog the water and nutrients go into your skin. That’s why we need to do skin exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells to makes your skincare absorb into your skin. ONSEAMEEIN Yogurt Peeling is one of the soften option on skin exfoliation on the market.
With all the natural ingredients, the yogurt gel can easily absorbs dead skin cells and sebum on our skin, and remove it smoothly.
*Used palm as demo only.
How to use?
1. Apply yogurt peeling gel on your face
2. Wait for 3osecs and gently massage and rub your face
3. After 1min, wash it off with lukewarm water
Original Pricing: RM70
Discount: 62%
Althea Pricing: RM26
These are the magic eggs can smoothen your skin! The Egg shaped soap can creates smooth skin and helps on pores tighten too! It has 4 different ‘flavours’: Red clay, Charcoal, Green tea and Egg white.
*Used palm as demo only.
You can either use it as soap to clean up your face, or maybe use it as a bubble massage. I personally still use my daily cleanser with additional egg soap bubble massage to tighten up my pores.
Original Pricing: RM90
Discount: 42%
Althea Pricing: RM52

Bubble Sugar Scrub (120g)

Very honest to you, when the first time I receive this, I was thinking to eat them! No joke! It smells and looks like sugar! The main function of the Bubble Sugar Scrub is to exfoliating dead skin, deep clean your pores and moisturising your skin.
*Used palm as demo only.
How to use?
1. Wetting the bubble sugar with water, and put on palm and mash it
2. Rub on palms to bubble up
3. Gently massage and rub your skin
4. Finish up with face wash with water
Original Pricing: RM87
Discount: 62%
Althea Pricing: RM33
Overall product I likey! But among all the products above, I personally like ONSAEMEEIN Yogurt Peeling the most!!! Super easy to use and smells good! Highly recommended for lazy people like me! lol!
Hope you guys like it and thanks for reading my unboxing of Althea Box post! 😛

Official Website:
Facebook: Althea Malaysia
Instagram: @altheakorea

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