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Hey girls, today I am going to share you the new products from The Face Shop!

Most of the people known The Face Shop as a brand that shares the benefits of nature ingredients and formula that allows the essence of nature penetrate into skin. The Face Shop are now bringing you to another level of perfect skin.


THE THERAPY, an European blending formula-based skincare that deliver excellent anti-acing effect on skin. The European base skincares come with four products from tonic treatment, formula emulsion, oil-drop anti-aging serum and cream. It uses rich mineral, blue algae that contain high anti-oxidant to rejuvenate your skin to more healthy radiance by treating and slowing down signs of aging.

First of all, THE THERAPY skincare range are targeted to customers who aged 30’s and above. But I also highly recommended to people who have dry skin because it has Rich Moisture which can moisture the skin all day long. And this series of skincare contained anti-dryness, to enhance your skin to a perfect daily hydration level.


Continue reading to find out the review on THE THERAPY Skincare Range.



In our country, we have a really bad weather and also air pollution so skincare can cause skin problem. To own a set of better skincare has become one of the main essential for us. The main ingredients in the First Serum uses the Thalassotherapy Water, in stead of the normal water and the European therapist’s essential oil formula to heighten the anti-aging effect to form the protection shield for our skin.

THE THERAPY First Serum is the first step serum water aka booster with blending formula with micro crystal particles and essential oils (Sandalwood / Avocado / Palmarosa) assures optimum skincare results by restoring balance to skin.

THE THERAPY First Serum the essential regimen first step serum water blending formula with Crystal particles and essential oil assures optimum skincare results by restoring balance to skin. THE THERAPY First Serum is recommended to use right after cleansing. It helps to balance the skin texture and boost the absorption and effectiveness of any treatments used after it.

Scents & Texture


The scents can just leave you feeling super relaxed and stress-free. Nothing special on the texture. It’s looks like just the water but when you applied on your face, you can see the absorption of the product it really performs well on your skin. Fast absorption, I like!

How to Use


After cleansing (before toning), pump 1-2 times and apply following the skin texture outward. Use it before toning could instantly penetrate the anti-aging ingredients into the skin and maximize the absorption of the further treatments.

I like to use my palm to apply the serum on my face. But if you wish to have some exfoliations, I will suggest to use The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pad for better exfoliation effect.


*Apply it immediately after your cleansing to ensure for an instant absorption of their active ingredients. It is similar to the process of skin refreshment.


130ml = RM 148.29 (Inclusive GST)



THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream is formulated in two layers.

Upper Layer: Moisture Oil Gel Cream
Thalassotherapy water + 3 essential oils (Sandalwood, avocado, palmarosa)
Lower Layer: Rich Moisture Cream
 Moisture anti-aging blending formula with excellent moisturising and anti-dryness effect

Hand-blended ingredients are combined to create a luxurious cream that gently melts into skin for hydration. You are require to mix the two layers of ingredient before you use it. Mixed for 10 seconds, which can smoothly blend together to deliver unique softness and moisture.

*Quick Tips:
What is Thalassotherapy Water?
In Europe, ‘Thalassotherapy’ is a traditional therapy using rich mineral ingredients of the sea to pursue the body balance. Thalassotherapy water  is the purest water that nature offers with the most amount of natural mineral ingredients on Earth. This water contains exceptional amount of natural mineral, one element that forms skin NMF (natural moisturizing factor), more than spring water.

Scents & Texture


The mixture of the essential oil scents smells good (mild). Not exactly cream but lotion texture, is smooth and easy to apply.

As I mentioned above, this is a rich moisturiser, sometimes we might have the idea of rich moisture equals to oiliness. Surprisingly, this cream is not oily at all. You will feels hydrated after the application.

How to Use

After applied toner, use the spatula (comes with the pack) and take a small amount of cream and gently apply on whole face with circular motion and gentle massage till it fully absorb.


*Amount of application is depends on your skin conditions. If you’re dry skin do test and try few times. Recommended not to put too much to cause the oiliness.


50ml = RM 185.48 (Inclusive GST)

** For those people who are looking for anti-aging skincare do not have to do with oriental medicine and bad herbal scents, THE THERAPY range could be the right one for you. 🙂



I like the moisture-ness of the product on my face. It really stay on my face all day long. People who stay in air-cond room I will prefer you use a little bit more amount of the cream on your skincare routine, especially at night. I personally tried on that, and when I woke up my skin still looks moisture but not oily. Good to try!

Hope you guys like my review. Products above are available on all THE FACE SHOP store! Feel free to check them out! They’ve other range of THE THERAPY Series too! Leave me your comment or question on the products below! I would like to know what you guys feel on the products too! <3

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