Experience Quick-dry Sportswear! NO MORE SWEATY WORKOUT! | Sloggi Summer BE ACTIVE Collection Review

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Working out is kinda trend recently. Everyone want to ‘looks good’ when you have your #ootd! And I would like to have my #ootd during my workout too!

Everytime when I have my workout it sweat me a lot, especially on cardio workout. Honestly I don’t sweat a lot but after cardio, it’s really sweat me out! lol

13408719_1168503453243745_157480562_n(1) Choosing a right sportswear is very important because it can absorb the sweat faster and move more freely with your body.

I prefer light and tighter wear when I workout like the picture on your left!

Today I would like to share you and review a newly sportswear from Sloggi. They have this new collection called  Sloggi BE  ACTIVE  which features tops and bottoms made of breathable and quick dry material!

Sloggi summer active

It also designed with fun and bright contrasting colour combinations that are fit for fashion and fun!Sloggi summer active

Sloggi BE ACTIVE Collection comes with two distinct design and style:

  1. Y-back design with the easy on and off hook eye
    Sloggi BE ACTIVE 1-3
  2. A modified racer back to prevent shoulder slippage as well as enhance comfort in movement along with removable pads, plus hook and eye closure
    Sloggi BE ACTIVE 2-3

Both bra top styles feature full cup coverage for more stability. The bra top styles come with matching hipsters cut for both comfort and movement and sleek fit under any kind of active wear or other outerwear.

So me and my friend Jiayeen was taking the challenge to HOT PILATE at Urban Spring Bangsar!! And we’re going to test it out the quick dry-ness of the material!

urban spring logo

Honestly, this is my first try on Hot Pilate… My first experience to do Yoga in the 40°C room..

Sloggi Summer Active0005

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和家人一起喝出健康!超好喝的健康饮!必试必喝!| NH Nutri Grains 紫谷粮健康饮




我是懒女人!哈哈 想要快且容易准备的食物,但又不可以忽略健康!很老实的告诉你们我最唱吃的运动前后的食物就只有 香蕉一根,和薯类!(没错!我是sipeh爱吃番薯的女子!哈哈 )其实前前后后吃了都腻!想换新口味,但没法子!(老娘就是懒得准备!哈哈)

就这样在一个机缘巧合里,认识了这产品!我是不得不介绍给所有 “懒女人”!

就是来自 NH 的Nutri Grains紫谷粮!!在说,它是紫薯!!!!紫薯呐!!!

NutriGrains 0001


NutriGrains 0006

NutriGrains 0008


NutriGrains 0003
NH Nutri Grains紫谷粮健康饮料是由多达20种谷物,紫薯以及多种有效成分如松谷水溶性纤维(FiberSol-2)和菊苣纤维(Inulin)配制而成的。这即溶饮料包含了谷物的蛋白质,膳食纤维,维生素,矿物质和植物营养素对身体非常好。
同时,紫薯算是个 “营养库”吧!紫薯本身拥有纤维,维生素和矿物质,可以有效地降低血压就如同我们常饮用的燕麦片(Oatmeal)。不仅如此,它还可以防止某种类型的癌症也有助于提高免疫力,而且它还含有丰富的抗氧化剂。


根据马来西亚膳食指南的建议,人每日必须摄取至少4份的谷粮!在那四份里,有两份还得要是全谷类(whole grains)!再来还得要选择高纤维,低脂肪,糖和盐谷类品(cereal)。
*经过膨化处理过后的谷粮更容易被消化,营养也好吸收,再加上那紫薯的味道~ 简直是一流啊!
• 紫薯含有丰富的营养
• 抗氧化能力更胜蓝梅及其他颜色的番薯
• 提高免疫力,有助于预防癌症
• 有助于平衡血糖
NutriGrains 0012

泡制NH Nutri Grains紫谷粮健康饮料 -冰

NutriGrains 0017-1
  1. 把铁盖打开
  2. 使用里面附加的 “爱心茶匙” ,先放入两茶匙的紫谷粮
  3. 然后再倒入你想要的温度的水
  4. 搅拌均匀!
  5. 到最后想喝冷的就加冰块,增加那饮料的清凉感!
NutriGrains 0016
NutriGrains 0014
目前只有铁罐装,未来希望有包装方面可以有像它们家的 “样品包”。这样一来我可以携带外出,随时随地都可以喝!
这里我也会附上它的营养成分NutriGrains 0015

总结 NH Nutri Grains紫谷粮健康饮料

• 谷物的味道加上淡淡的紫薯味!我很喜欢
• 口感是滑的,但带点谷物的纤维,不会影响口感
• 很有饱足感
• 非常建议给没时间打理膳食的人,尤其是上班族
• 包装必须加强!我得老实的说,我还是想要包装的!
NutriGrains 0010

NutriGrains 0013



目前,NH Nutri Grains紫谷粮健康饮料已在全马Watsons分行开卖!有兴趣的朋友有机会可以在指定的Watsons分行拿到样品哦!


NutriGrains 0002


Facebook:Nh Nutri Grains

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[EVENT] Fitness First Malaysia | My First FGT™ Experiential Session

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to share with you some of mine research on fitness centre. Chinese New Year coming in these 3months? Girls (ok it’s me) need to start working out between this 3months to get the slimmer body to celebrate my CNY! hahaha *Girls’ thought!

I’m just started yoga 6months. Honestly, after I started yoga, I felt better after I sweat! Exercise is very good for people like me long hours sitting in front of computer to work. Exercise/yoga really release my tension on work. I like yoga, because it’s peaceful, quite and slow, so that I can really concentrate on my mind and body.

That day I was looking for the fitness centre, there is few very popular in Malaysia. And from one of my colleague, he recommended me a fitness centre (is in my list). It’s Fitness First Malaysia. He said recently they just renovated, and their service is good! The most important thing is, They serve the CLEAN TOWEL!! Well, I never been others fitness centre, so I’m not sure other people serve dirty towel or not! hahahaha


Through Tammy, The Mamasan from Butterfly project just texted us, and she said’6 of us has been selected to join the event that organise by Fitness First Malaysia, and I was like… WOW!! YEAH!! HOORAY!!! So today I’m gonna share with you what we had done on the event day 🙂

FF The Curve0005

Honestly I really forgot they rebrand their corporate identity. When I looking at the logo and everything, I was thinking ‘Fitness First is it?’ After that I only realise they rebranded! haha! The new branding is more unique and strong identity! I love that! Felt so energetic!

FF The Curve-04Let’s start with a quick and basic company background for people don’t really know about FF (Fitness First).

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