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Hey girls, today I am going to share you the new products from The Face Shop!

Most of the people known The Face Shop as a brand that shares the benefits of nature ingredients and formula that allows the essence of nature penetrate into skin. The Face Shop are now bringing you to another level of perfect skin.


THE THERAPY, an European blending formula-based skincare that deliver excellent anti-acing effect on skin. The European base skincares come with four products from tonic treatment, formula emulsion, oil-drop anti-aging serum and cream. It uses rich mineral, blue algae that contain high anti-oxidant to rejuvenate your skin to more healthy radiance by treating and slowing down signs of aging.

First of all, THE THERAPY skincare range are targeted to customers who aged 30’s and above. But I also highly recommended to people who have dry skin because it has Rich Moisture which can moisture the skin all day long. And this series of skincare contained anti-dryness, to enhance your skin to a perfect daily hydration level.


Continue reading to find out the review on THE THERAPY Skincare Range.



In our country, we have a really bad weather and also air pollution so skincare can cause skin problem. To own a set of better skincare has become one of the main essential for us. The main ingredients in the First Serum uses the Thalassotherapy Water, in stead of the normal water and the European therapist’s essential oil formula to heighten the anti-aging effect to form the protection shield for our skin.

THE THERAPY First Serum is the first step serum water aka booster with blending formula with micro crystal particles and essential oils (Sandalwood / Avocado / Palmarosa) assures optimum skincare results by restoring balance to skin.

THE THERAPY First Serum the essential regimen first step serum water blending formula with Crystal particles and essential oil assures optimum skincare results by restoring balance to skin. THE THERAPY First Serum is recommended to use right after cleansing. It helps to balance the skin texture and boost the absorption and effectiveness of any treatments used after it.

Scents & Texture


The scents can just leave you feeling super relaxed and stress-free. Nothing special on the texture. It’s looks like just the water but when you applied on your face, you can see the absorption of the product it really performs well on your skin. Fast absorption, I like!

How to Use


After cleansing (before toning), pump 1-2 times and apply following the skin texture outward. Use it before toning could instantly penetrate the anti-aging ingredients into the skin and maximize the absorption of the further treatments.

I like to use my palm to apply the serum on my face. But if you wish to have some exfoliations, I will suggest to use The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pad for better exfoliation effect.


*Apply it immediately after your cleansing to ensure for an instant absorption of their active ingredients. It is similar to the process of skin refreshment.


130ml = RM 148.29 (Inclusive GST)



THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream is formulated in two layers.

Upper Layer: Moisture Oil Gel Cream
Thalassotherapy water + 3 essential oils (Sandalwood, avocado, palmarosa)
Lower Layer: Rich Moisture Cream
 Moisture anti-aging blending formula with excellent moisturising and anti-dryness effect

Hand-blended ingredients are combined to create a luxurious cream that gently melts into skin for hydration. You are require to mix the two layers of ingredient before you use it. Mixed for 10 seconds, which can smoothly blend together to deliver unique softness and moisture.

*Quick Tips:
What is Thalassotherapy Water?
In Europe, ‘Thalassotherapy’ is a traditional therapy using rich mineral ingredients of the sea to pursue the body balance. Thalassotherapy water  is the purest water that nature offers with the most amount of natural mineral ingredients on Earth. This water contains exceptional amount of natural mineral, one element that forms skin NMF (natural moisturizing factor), more than spring water.

Scents & Texture


The mixture of the essential oil scents smells good (mild). Not exactly cream but lotion texture, is smooth and easy to apply.

As I mentioned above, this is a rich moisturiser, sometimes we might have the idea of rich moisture equals to oiliness. Surprisingly, this cream is not oily at all. You will feels hydrated after the application.

How to Use

After applied toner, use the spatula (comes with the pack) and take a small amount of cream and gently apply on whole face with circular motion and gentle massage till it fully absorb.


*Amount of application is depends on your skin conditions. If you’re dry skin do test and try few times. Recommended not to put too much to cause the oiliness.


50ml = RM 185.48 (Inclusive GST)

** For those people who are looking for anti-aging skincare do not have to do with oriental medicine and bad herbal scents, THE THERAPY range could be the right one for you. 🙂



I like the moisture-ness of the product on my face. It really stay on my face all day long. People who stay in air-cond room I will prefer you use a little bit more amount of the cream on your skincare routine, especially at night. I personally tried on that, and when I woke up my skin still looks moisture but not oily. Good to try!

Hope you guys like my review. Products above are available on all THE FACE SHOP store! Feel free to check them out! They’ve other range of THE THERAPY Series too! Leave me your comment or question on the products below! I would like to know what you guys feel on the products too! <3

For more information please check out on their website and social media!
Official Website
Facebook Page

See you on my next post! :B

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My Beauty Diary Facial Mask Review


Hey girls! Today I wanna share and update you my recent skincare routine. I am very honest with you I am having a acne skin recently. It is kinda sad for a beauty blogger. But no worries, everything is under control. I’ve been test and try on some skincare and also medicine and it’s improved a lot! So I am going to share with you a MUST-HAVE skincare for you all.

Facial mask is considered as one of the easiest ways to get healthy and refreshing skin within a few minutes. I am highly recommended to people to include face mask as part of your skincare routine. Usually people will apply facial mask before sleep. I am also suggest people to apply before makeup. It helps on your skin complexion. After that you apply foundation it makes your face makeup looks finer.

Applying a facial mask also helps you to relax. You get the time to relax, while your face mask is working. This will help you to de-stress and that alone can make you look and feel better! There are variety of facial mask on the market. But I would like to recommended you to go for the sheet mask. You may probably wanna to ask me for the brand recommendation. I would say try on the sheet mask from ‘My Beauty Diary’. Why? Because you will never go wrong with the mask expertise!

My Beauty Diary was founded in 2003 and has become the most popular sheet mask brand in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore markets. I got to know the brand from one of the taiwanese beauty TV show. As I know they are offers a great variety of sheet masks with affordable price. According to my surrounding friends, the result of their mask really make your skin condition improved, long-lasting hydrating, and baby-like soft, smooth, and supple skin.


I am currently using two different series of sheet mask from My Beauty Diary.

  1. Floral Essence Series – Rose Moisturising Essence Mask
  2. New Natural Key Line – Black Pearl Mask

Let’s talk about each of these!

Floral Essence Series
Rose Moisturising Essence Maskmybeautylibrary-0003

Main Function:

Moisturizing and Soothing
Rose always the best ingredient to hydrated skin. Ingredients are specially selected. Which contained aromatic rose oil and rose water, which can gives skin a double-dose of soothing natural scent and helps balance moisture levels in the skin. Blended with Multi-SilkTM which can rapidly infuses the rough and irregular outer layer of skin, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.

Nourishing and Hydrating
With the moisturizing plant extracts of Sugar Maple, Centella asiatica and Seaweed energizes skin to give you fresh and clear skin  in a pleasing rose scent.


Sheet Mask Texture:

They are using the Ultra-thin Hydrating Fabric. It made with silky TENCEL fabric, woven with a unique technique to create a thin, soft and hydrating structure. It enhanced the absorption of the serum to your skin.

You might feel the sheet mask stick on your skin well about 15mins later of mask application because your skin is working on to absorb the serum.


Recommended Routine:

Night time before sleep

Summarised Review:

Surprisingly, it is cooling when I applied on my face. And I love the rose scent so much! I leave it for 25mins. After removed the sheet mask, you won’t feel the stickiness on your face. I also did a gentle facial massage, the temperature of your hand can makes the the serum goes deeper in my skin.

This Rose Moisturising Essence Mask also makes your skin a lots more smoother on the next day morning.

Serum Absorption: ★★★★★
Scent: ★★★★
Overall Result: ★★★★

My Beauty Diary Rose Moisturizing Essence Mask 7s – RM44.90



New Natural Key Line
Black Pearl Mask


Main Function:

Optimal Whitening
Their supreme Black pearl essence from Tahiti that rapidly rejuvenate tired and dull skin. The double-acting moisturizing ingredients CosphingoTM x Aquaroad to effectively brighten up the  skin tone to makes your skin looks flawless without makeu

Brightening and Moisturizing
The hydrating formulation with deep sea Red algae and Malvasylvestris extract provides immediate relief to dull skin and improves the skin’s ability to intergrade the environment.

Sugar cane deliver intense hydration and giving you refined and translucent skin.


Sheet Mask Texture:

Super Ultra Thin Fabric Mask. It carries 50% more of the facial serum than previous mask.


Recommended Routine:

Night time after work. Highly recommended to people who have dull and tiring skin.

Summarised Review:

In terms of result, I think Black Pearl Mask is slightly better than the Rose Moisturising Essence Mask. The serum absorption is still ok, you can feel the stickiness of the serum remain on your skin after you remove the face mask. And I did the gentle massage after apply the mask too.

Serum Absorption: ★★★
Scent: ★★★
Overall Result: ★★★★

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask 10s – RM49.90

I personally like the Ultra-thin Hydrating Fabric mask sheet from Rose Moisturising Essence Mask. But in terms of result, I prefer Black Pearl Mask.


Thanks for reading!

Feels free to comment below and let me know your review about these mask!

I’ll see you in my next post! :B


For more information please check out their Facebook Page:

My Beauty Diary MY

**All products from My Beauty Diary are available at selected Guardian and Sasa.

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REALASH Eyelash Specialist Unboxing & First Impression!

Realsh Review0003

Yo girls! I am so excited to share you the product that just came to my doorsteps! This is the two major steps I will do on my makeup.

I don’t always go heavy but light, I will just apply the BROW and EYELASH. Finally I got to review these treatment!

Thank you REALASH Malaysia for sending me this lovely gift set from REALASH!

I heard about the REALASH Eyelash Enhancer few years back and now finally have the chance to try it on! Surprisingly, they have improve their packaging in the more youthful and conceptual way! This is really good!

In this post I will covering about the first impression of the product. Final result and review will be posted up a months later!

So let’s get started!

Things in the Box

There is two products in the gift box.

  1. REALASH Eyelash Enhancher

    As I know REALASH few years back is because of this product. This is actually their STAR product which enhance your own eyelash. As I know, this is a short term treatment for your eyelash. It can strengthen your eyelash to become thicker and long just in a month!
    Realsh Review0005Using this this easy uses applicator with a small amount of serum, apply it on the upper eyelid at the roots of your lashes. Its serum formula has been dermatologically and opthalmologically tested by specialists.I’ve tried it just now, very easy to use! You just need to use it once a day after removing makeup, before sleep will do. The final results will be visible after 30 days, however, you will be able to see first positive changes within 14 days.
    Realsh Review0001

  2. REALASH BROW Conditioner

    If you have thin, weak and very light brows, BROW is exactly for you. REALASH have created this conditioner for women wishing to have full and defined brows.
    Realsh Review0004Same way to use for BROW series. Use BROW once a day, before sleep. Apply the product using the applicator brush provided from the inner to the outer side of brows.BROW has undergone rigorous tests which have confirmed that the formula not only stimulates the growth and thickens brows but also improves their overall appearance. The product does not irritate skin. You can see the results of the treatment sooner than you think. Positive changes can be observed after only 4 weeks.
    Realsh Review0002

Finish the my product first impression, now we got to move on to my bare face BEFORE picture!

My BEFORE Picture

My Eyebrow and Eyelash Conditions:

Realsh Review0007

EYEBROW: Thin & undefined shape

EYELASH: Quite long but not full

(Extra eyelash story: Accidentally burn my eyelash when I was young. Because I was trying to use the hot metal hair pin to curl my eyelash as the MUA in the taiwanese drama. I did a nice job after that but few days later I realised my top of the lashes(thin hair) was burned.)

Realsh Review0008

You might be interest how I grow my eyelash back after I burned them! Hehe!

Will share you that on my next REALASH Review post! Honestly, I can’t wait to have fuller eyelash and brows!

Stay Tune and see you! 😛


Official website: http://realash.my/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Realash.my

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和家人一起喝出健康!超好喝的健康饮!必试必喝!| NH Nutri Grains 紫谷粮健康饮




我是懒女人!哈哈 想要快且容易准备的食物,但又不可以忽略健康!很老实的告诉你们我最唱吃的运动前后的食物就只有 香蕉一根,和薯类!(没错!我是sipeh爱吃番薯的女子!哈哈 )其实前前后后吃了都腻!想换新口味,但没法子!(老娘就是懒得准备!哈哈)

就这样在一个机缘巧合里,认识了这产品!我是不得不介绍给所有 “懒女人”!

就是来自 NH 的Nutri Grains紫谷粮!!在说,它是紫薯!!!!紫薯呐!!!

NutriGrains 0001


NutriGrains 0006

NutriGrains 0008


NutriGrains 0003
NH Nutri Grains紫谷粮健康饮料是由多达20种谷物,紫薯以及多种有效成分如松谷水溶性纤维(FiberSol-2)和菊苣纤维(Inulin)配制而成的。这即溶饮料包含了谷物的蛋白质,膳食纤维,维生素,矿物质和植物营养素对身体非常好。
同时,紫薯算是个 “营养库”吧!紫薯本身拥有纤维,维生素和矿物质,可以有效地降低血压就如同我们常饮用的燕麦片(Oatmeal)。不仅如此,它还可以防止某种类型的癌症也有助于提高免疫力,而且它还含有丰富的抗氧化剂。


根据马来西亚膳食指南的建议,人每日必须摄取至少4份的谷粮!在那四份里,有两份还得要是全谷类(whole grains)!再来还得要选择高纤维,低脂肪,糖和盐谷类品(cereal)。
*经过膨化处理过后的谷粮更容易被消化,营养也好吸收,再加上那紫薯的味道~ 简直是一流啊!
• 紫薯含有丰富的营养
• 抗氧化能力更胜蓝梅及其他颜色的番薯
• 提高免疫力,有助于预防癌症
• 有助于平衡血糖
NutriGrains 0012

泡制NH Nutri Grains紫谷粮健康饮料 -冰

NutriGrains 0017-1
  1. 把铁盖打开
  2. 使用里面附加的 “爱心茶匙” ,先放入两茶匙的紫谷粮
  3. 然后再倒入你想要的温度的水
  4. 搅拌均匀!
  5. 到最后想喝冷的就加冰块,增加那饮料的清凉感!
NutriGrains 0016
NutriGrains 0014
目前只有铁罐装,未来希望有包装方面可以有像它们家的 “样品包”。这样一来我可以携带外出,随时随地都可以喝!
这里我也会附上它的营养成分NutriGrains 0015

总结 NH Nutri Grains紫谷粮健康饮料

• 谷物的味道加上淡淡的紫薯味!我很喜欢
• 口感是滑的,但带点谷物的纤维,不会影响口感
• 很有饱足感
• 非常建议给没时间打理膳食的人,尤其是上班族
• 包装必须加强!我得老实的说,我还是想要包装的!
NutriGrains 0010

NutriGrains 0013



目前,NH Nutri Grains紫谷粮健康饮料已在全马Watsons分行开卖!有兴趣的朋友有机会可以在指定的Watsons分行拿到样品哦!


NutriGrains 0002


Facebook:Nh Nutri Grains

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Go Around the World with Rilakkuma x Canon EOS M10

CanonxRilakkuma Feature Image

Hey peeps! I am consider the ‘trendy camera’ followers. Lol. I’ve something goodies and news to share with you!! Thank you Butterfly project and Canon Malaysia for the invite! I’m glad to be the part of it to share the happiness of the project!

CanonxRilakkuma 0057

CanonxRilakkuma 0058

When the Rilakkuma came out I SCREAM!!!!!! I can’t believe I met the real mascot tho!!!! <3 <3

CanonxRilakkuma 0054

Canon recently has partnering with the much-loved Japanese character Rilakkuma by encouraging users to artistically incorporate the #ToyTravel trend in the photos and at the same time to inspire the creativity among social media user!

You can now own the Rilakkuma as your next travelling companion with Canon’s special edition EOS M10 box set which included with a LIMITED EDITION 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy!!!!!!

This is soooooooo cute!!!!!

CanonxRilakkuma 0061

CanonxRilakkuma 0064

Continue reading to know more!!!!

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