[EVENT] Fitness First Malaysia | My First FGT™ Experiential Session

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to share with you some of mine research on fitness centre. Chinese New Year coming in these 3months? Girls (ok it’s me) need to start working out between this 3months to get the slimmer body to celebrate my CNY! hahaha *Girls’ thought!

I’m just started yoga 6months. Honestly, after I started yoga, I felt better after I sweat! Exercise is very good for people like me long hours sitting in front of computer to work. Exercise/yoga really release my tension on work. I like yoga, because it’s peaceful, quite and slow, so that I can really concentrate on my mind and body.

That day I was looking for the fitness centre, there is few very popular in Malaysia. And from one of my colleague, he recommended me a fitness centre (is in my list). It’s Fitness First Malaysia. He said recently they just renovated, and their service is good! The most important thing is, They serve the CLEAN TOWEL!! Well, I never been others fitness centre, so I’m not sure other people serve dirty towel or not! hahahaha


Through Tammy, The Mamasan from Butterfly project just texted us, and she said’6 of us has been selected to join the event that organise by Fitness First Malaysia, and I was like… WOW!! YEAH!! HOORAY!!! So today I’m gonna share with you what we had done on the event day 🙂

FF The Curve0005

Honestly I really forgot they rebrand their corporate identity. When I looking at the logo and everything, I was thinking ‘Fitness First is it?’ After that I only realise they rebranded! haha! The new branding is more unique and strong identity! I love that! Felt so energetic!

FF The Curve-04Let’s start with a quick and basic company background for people don’t really know about FF (Fitness First).


The first Fitness First club opened in 1993, in the seaside town of Bournemouth, Dorset – historically known as a popular health resort. Today they have clubs in 16 countries, making them to be a leader in the global fitness industry.

In Malaysia, from a single club opening in 2001 at Menara Manulife, Kuala Lumpur, 13 years on, the club has grown to 13 Fitness First Platinum and Fitness First clubs with 30,500 members.

They’ve seen a lot of change in the fitness industry over the years, but their philosophy has remained the same to offer the best equipment, range of classes, knowledgeable staff and personal advice in a welcoming environment that feeds our members’ motivation. Aligned to this approach, FF Asia has coined the brand launch campaign, ‘Together, We can go futher’ to inspire members to achieve their fitness goals!

Before we start the exciting FGT Experiential Session, their is also a casual chat with The Managing Director of Fitness First Malaysia, Mr Kurt Stocks and The Assitant Fitness Manager from Fitness First, The Curve, Mr Ng Kah Wen.

From Left to Right:
Mr Ng Kah Wen, Mr Kurt Stocks & Emcee

FF The Curve0006

In the conversation, they share us about some improvement on the rebrand, renovate, and some company background. The most interesting for me is the FF’s Fitness Philosophy that they mentioned.

Your body is designed to move with purpose. We help you to go further in life with the right balance of training, healthy eating and inspiration.

With us, you can reach your personal best and achieve more than you thought possible.

The Dynamic Movement Training (DMT) deliver the maximum results in the minimum time. It’s more than exercise, it’s fitness that suits your style and fits your life.

We Keep you moving forward!’

After the casual chat with all of them, they going to bring us to have the tour of Fitness First, The Curve.
FF The Curve0073
Run run run away, run c baby!
FF The Curve0064 FF The Curve0065
She is playing with the ball!! I want slim down too ><
FF The Curve0070

Yoga Classes
FF The Curve0071
Another classes!
FF The Curve0062
FF The Curve0073

They got free and unlimited wifi and drinks here!!!!!

FF The Curve0144

Merchandise corner
* Seriously, I like all the merchandise they have!! Just because they all are RED? hahaha

FF The Curve0146

After the tour, we will start the experiential soon!! (Actually I’m scare on that day, because of my spine and beside yoga, I didn’t do anyone of the exercise 😛 haha)
It’s started with a very basic ‘before workout’s photo’…. Do check out our face after workout  at below ya!! haha!
FF The Curve0074
Simple stretching and warm up first!
FF The Curve0079
We going to do Freestyle™ Group Training on these floor printing!!
The trainer was demo and explaining us the steps and the movement we gonna do later.
FF The Curve0082
Why I’m so happy? I don’t know is there any misunderstood or what, I laugh is because he said this movement they called it ’em em ah ah’ ! hahahaha!! ‘EM EM’ means steps your foot one by one into the box, then ‘AH AH’ mean steps your foot one by one outside the box.
(Seriously, please try it in your house, because it’s really funny when you do this movement with the ‘Em Em Ah Ah’ sound! hahahaha!!!)
FF The Curve0085
Jump both leg!! One foot step on black, one foot step on red.FF The Curve0086


There will be some little joke beside the photos! XD

FF The Curve0093

A: I jump!
T: Can or not~~? XD

FF The Curve0098

Again, look at people’s running picture, the song it’s will just appear on my mind!
‘Run run run away, run away babe!!’ haha

FF The Curve0105

My shoes dirty already?? OMG! XD

FF The Curve0106

T: I won!!

FF The Curve0114

FF The Curve0099

A: I run! I touch!!!

FF The Curve0122

We’re successfully finish the 6 stations in 20min workout! The 20min is like hell man!!! (I’m not a sport person! hahaha!!) They said the workout we did is for beginner! Seriously, I never do workout, I’m so tired that day! My face even turn fair.

FF The Curve0124

FF The Curve0135

FF The Curve0132

Freestyle™ Group Training (FGT)

As I mentioned just now, what we do is called Freestyle™ Group Training (FGT). FGT classes bring their fitness philosophy to life with dynamic movement training workouts that create interactive, energetic experiences for group of typically 4 – 12 members. The classes are 30minutes and include 3 format sections; a set of mobiliser to warm up the muscle, the main work out and the grand finale finisher. These signature programmes are totally unique to Fitness First.

There are 3 global programme streams, H.I.I.T, Power and Strength, and each stream has a uniform structure providing a high-quality experience for member every time they attend.

Programming is based around the primal movement pattern philosophy of Squat, Lunge, Bend, Push, Pull and Twist movements – 3 dimensional multi-plane exercises.

Freestyle training is the perfect blend of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, designed around the body’s natural movement and is proven to be at least 50% more effective than fixed machine training for strength, speed, endurance and flexibility.

The classes are supported by extensive training and delivered by fitness certified coaches. With their Freestyle™ Group Taining workout, members will never need to train on their own again.


H.I.I.T which means High-intensity interval training, it’s work at high intensity and pace with equal burst of 30 second work and rest intervals, using Dynamic Movement Training techniques in all 3 dimensions; work your core with bodyweight and Freestyle™ equipment to maximise your output and elevate the heart.

FGT Power

Learn explosive and progressive, fast-paced power movement with heavy resistance; 20 second output, 40 seconds rest period. Maximise body power with jumps, press ups and burpees. Works the whole body and enhances athletic performance.

FGT Strength

Builds total body functional strength,muscular endurance, and promotes lean muscle mass with Dynamic Movement Training exercises and strength-based loads: work for 45 seconds then rest for 15 seconds using the bosu, dumbbells, TRX and bodyweight exercises.

Theses classes are suitable for all fitness levels from beginners to the advanced. I can do it, you can do it too! After this whole explanation of the classes and programme, I’m gonna show you our after workout photo!

FF The Curve0136

Fitness First ROCK!!!!!

FF The Curve0137

Thank you, Fitness First Malaysia and The Butterfly Projects Msia for this Experiential Session!! I really enjoy it!! I will come back to you soon!!!

Swing my fats aways!!!!

FF The Curve0143

For more information, do check out their official website or other social media 🙂
Official Website: http://www.fitnessfirst.com.my/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/fitnessfirstmalaysia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FitnessFirst_MY
Instagram: @Fitnessfirstmalaysia

Stay tuned for more updates!! See you next time!! :B

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