[EVENT] Himalaya New Range Product Gathering

Do you know the brand called Himalaya Herbal Healthcare?

Well, basically I know this brand from one of my hometown shopping mall – Gurney Plaza. The Himalaya outlet is in basement floor, everytime when I walk by the outlet always so quite (well maybe is the time I walk by is weekend). 

HimalayaNeem0001HimalayaNeem0003HimalayaNeem0005Through out TBP, I have the chance to know more about Himalaya in the Event. Let’s have a short introduction about the brand first then I will show you the Neem Products! 🙂


Himalaya Healthcare was founded since 1930 in India by Mr.M Manal with a clear vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind the 5,000 year old system of medicine.


In the event, we can saw few type of neem products from Himalaya. Today we focus on Face & Body treatment first! (But according to my research, they developed more neem products than here..) 

HimalayaNeem0023 She is my event partner on that day 🙂 Lovely Angelica.

HimalayaNeem0021   Let the event starts!


In the beginning, they want us to do a short warm up to refresh our self 🙂 Because blogger actually sit infront of the computer quite a long time, so they teach us how to relax ourself by doing these few simple steps! HimalayaNeem0024 HimalayaNeem0025   Everyone really concentrate on the warm up ya! haha After that, they introducing their Neem product range for us! HimalayaNeem0047 HimalayaNeem0045


Then we have a try out session by call out few volunteer (including me :D) to do the ingredient tasting! The blogger Cindy Rina to do the ingredient mashing part! Using a traditional way, the traditional stone bowl masher to mix up the Neem leaves and Turmeric powder! HimalayaNeem0030  HimalayaNeem0033 HimalayaNeem0043   I know the outcome doesn’t looks nice! haha Here some before and after of my face expression! haha! The “hard to describe” feeling! HimalayaNeem0108HimalayaNeem0107 THIS IS TOO BITTER FOR ME!!!! Some product try out! HimalayaNeem0052


Next! We having a small “Creative Workshop” on Fuwa Fuwa Cookies! (The cookie looks nice~~~) The 4 mostly creative story and decoration blogger will get some Neem products as reward!   HimalayaNeem0058 HimalayaNeem0059 HimalayaNeem0063   Tata! This is my artwork! I called it – The Creatiion of Himalaya Neem Product! HimalayaNeem0066 Presentation is STARTED! HimalayaNeem0070 HimalayaNeem0071 HimalayaNeem0072 HimalayaNeem0074   While waiting for they release the winner list, WE TAKING PICTURES WITH OURS COOKIES!! HimalayaNeem0082 HimalayaNeem0084   JIANG JIANG JIANG JIANG!!!! Here’s the Winner!! (I’m in!!!!!! OMG!! Can’t believe it!!!!)   HimalayaNeem0086   The happiest things: FREE GIFTS!!!! Makeup Remover & Toothpaste  :3   HimalayaNeem0087


After the “Creative Workshop” the event almost finish. They’re so lovely, prepared some sandwich & sausage for us <3 <3 HimalayaNeem0097 *LIKELY*   HimalayaNeem0103   Thanks Himalaya Malaysia!! Thanks TBP!! HimalayaNeem0101   Here’s some Neem product in the event 🙂


Himalaya Purifying Face Wash HimalayaNeem0016   Himalaya Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash   HimalayaNeem0019 HImalaya Purifying Neem Face Scrub HimalayaNeem0012   Himalaya Neem Face Pack HimalayaNeem0014   HImalaya Neem & Almond Protecting Lotion HimalayaNeem0018   HImalaya Neem Face Pack (Mask)   HimalayaNeem0014   HImalaya Protecting Neem & Turmeric Body Wash   HimalayaNeem0013   Himalaya Neem Supplement   HimalayaNeem0011   Below are others Neem products: – Himalaya Neem & Turmeric Soap – HImalaya Neem Caps – Himalaya Dental Cream & Toothpaste – Deep Cleansing Astringent Lotion   I’m here to thank HImalaya, Fuwa Fuwa and The Butterfly Project! I learn a lot after this event! I grab some products from this event, hope can save my back acne! Can’t wait to try this!! Girls! Stay tune on my Neem Product Reviews ya!! HimalayaNeem0067 Have a nice days!! :B

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    Im Monicka from India… I want all these products including BODY WASH which is not available here… How to place an order?

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