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Hey girls! Today I wanted to share you all my recent favourite cookies at the cookies launch!! First, I want to tell you that I’m not a chocoholic! But this collaboration series cookies makes me addicted!!!!

Julies x Hersheys 0001

This is Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies!


My recent fav cookies! Thanks, Julie’s team!

Julies x Hersheys 0006

No lies!! I’m so addicted the cookies! Especially, Chocolate Chip Cookies & Chocolate Fudge Cookies! Big Big LIKE!!!

Julies Hershey-01

Everyday I eat a bit, abit I scare I finish all the cookies, then I need to restock again! haha!!! (I know I’ve abit funny! XD)

Ok, now I need to control my excitement, I’m going to tell you about more about the Julie’s Hershey Cookies and how was the event that day!

Julies x Hersheys 0003


Julies Hershey-02



• PERFECT FOOD is the manufacturer of Julie’s biscuits.
• Julie’s has been in Malaysia market since 1981.
• Julie’s has become a household name in the country today, and to-date have expanded to more than 70 countries.
• “Baked with Love”, a motto we are very proud of.
• Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility with its actions & projects, from Share with Love till the recent The Best of You movement.



No.1 chocolate brand product in USA.
• The Hershey’s chocolate process was developed in 1894 by Milton.
• Hershey and was the first mass produced chocolate in the United States.
In 1900, the first Hershey’s chocolate bar was enjoyed at 5cents a bar.
• Hershey’s is known as “The Great American Chocolate Bar”.
• In 1918, Milton Hershey had donated all his wealth and ownership of his company to the school.

The image below are the famous Hershey Chocolate Bar:


Perfect Food Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Julie’s) – Malaysia’s leading cookie manufacturer and producer of Julie’s biscuits, they has been hand-picked by The Hershey Company (Hershey) for the new collaboration, which was launched in Malaysia in October 2014 before expanding across Asia!

Julie’s are the 1st Malaysia biscuit company outside USA! A proud of Malaysia biscuits industry!
Julies x Hersheys 0038

 “We are thrilled about our new partnership with Hershey,” said Mr Martin Ang, Director of Perfect Food Manufacturing. “Both brands were built on the same ideals and values, and I believe it is this foundation which sealed our partnership.”

He added, “After many months of testing and preparations, we are only too excited to reveal the product of all that hard work – the new Julie’s Hershey’s cookies. Available in 6 variants, each cookie carries its own distinct flavour. Our launch marks the successful beginning of Julie’s and Hershey’s exciting new venture.”

Here comes Julie’s Hershey’s promise: (YES! I SMILES IN EVERY BITE!!)



The Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies will published at 12 asean & asia countries: Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Mongolia, Taiwan & Malaysia.



The events is held at dal.komm COFFEE, at Uptown. Nice environment and nice drinks!! XD

Julies x Hersheys 0020

Julies x Hersheys 0021

Some tryout during the event!

Julies x Hersheys 0009

After the presentation, Lunch time!!!

Julies x Hersheys 0045

Julies x Hersheys 0052

Selfie time!!

With Cutie Jessica!

Julies x Hersheys 0022

With Elana & Fish!

Julies x Hersheys 0042

With Ms Ella!

Julies x Hersheys 0047

In the event itself, Julie’s team also chill us up with a small gift! Thank you guys!

Fatty me!!
Thankiu, Mr Martin!!

Julies x Hersheys 0039 Julies x Hersheys 0041

There is also a instagram contest and Q&A contest! And I get the gift from Q&A contest! yeay! More cookies!!!

Julies x Hersheys 0064


OH YEAH! Another things that Julie’s team prepare for all of us!

IT’S BINGSU with Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies!!!!!! YEAY! XD

Julies Hershey-03

Julies x Hersheys 0002Thanks for everything and the effort of the event (especially the decor above)! We appreciated it! So lovely! The cookies I love it very much! I need to restock it very soon! The cookies in my house almost finish! haha


The price for each of the box are RM7.90.



Now you can find the Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies at the store below! Grab few to try! You will like it!!

JH Malaysia Excellent Display_28.12.14


By using the word from Mr Martin to be the ending of the event:

‘We’re Malaysia, We can produce WORLD CLASS PRODUCTS!’

Mr Martin Ang, Director of Perfect Food Manufacturing

You may share with me your feedback about the cookies!
Do you like it?
Which type of the cookies you like the most?

Share me now!

See you guys in next post! :B

Something Special to Share…….

Nice art @ dal.komm COFFEE

Julies x Hersheys 0051

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