[EVENT] Sony Alpha Workshop

#throwback that day Me and 5 MHB members join the Sony Alpha Workshop at Malacca.


This is a very interesting experience for me. If you know me, you will know I’m actually interested in photography. Previously I’m not very familiar with Sony’s camera, can’t even think about to have one Alpha Camera.

After the workshop, I came back to KL, I keep telling people, my dad (He was interested photography too), and my friend about this awesome Alpha Camera, Sony α7.

Sony Alpha Workshop-01

In the event I heard from many of the professional photographer, they said this α7 is the PRO-est camera! Well, after 2days of using it, it’s really impress me la honestly! I like the photo’s colors the most. After I went back KL, I plug-in my SD card to check, see whether the color still the same as the quality I saw in the camera’s screen.

Below I will show you few of the photos I shoot on the day, and also few of the photos from the professional photographer I met that day 🙂

We’re just arrived the hotel. The Emperor Hotel, Malacca.

Photo 23-08-2014 12 33 16

Get the house key and sony shirt! Let’s move to our room and rest for awhile 🙂

Photo 23-08-2014 12 43 47

Hungry man!!!!!


Get the Sony α7! (Let me take a selfie!)


See our pretty Jia Yeen trying the new camera from Sony, Sony α5100.


Orange Man in da house~~! All are the professional photographer 😀 (Feels like got a lot of photography question on my mind!)

*Waiting for the opening speech!*

DSC00141 DSC00145

After the short opening speech, they calling for group photos!!!


It’s dangerous man!!


(In the end I can’t get the group photo from them >< )

Below are the Workshop Itinerary:

Photo 23-08-2014 13 18 19

There is FOUR main courses in this workshop:

1. Food Photography
2. Mastering Flash
3. Night Photography
4. Sunrise Photography

1st Class: Food Photography

We are going to shoot some X-ray photography in this class. Below are the basic setting provided by Mun Hoo.

• M mode
• 1/125
• F9
• WB: Daylight
• ISO – 200

Here are some ingredients for the shooting.


Mun Hoo is presenting us some sample of this shooting. This is what we need to shoot today.


DSC00178 DSC00173

Check Lights!


Check Food!


Check camera and shoot!

Use the black paper to cover the extra light, don’t over expose!


Below are my x-ray photograph. It’s quite failed. Well, too many people there, so I just captured a few. In the end, I didn’t get the nice x-ray photograph.


Here are some x-ray photography from Mun Hoo:

(Very sui~~)

Sony Alpha Workshop-02

Then we move on to the 2nd class!

2nd Class: Mastering Flash

We follow the bus go to a old house called Villa Sentosa at Kampung Morten, Malacca. Villa Sentosa is more than  92years old, it’s a living museum, and not maintained by State Government. It is the only Malay village in the heart of Malacca City.

The theme for this class is ‘Preperation of Merdeka’!

DSC00200 DSC00204DSC00199DSC00211

He is the owner of Villa Sentosa, Encik Abdul Rahim bin Hj Hashim.

DSC00207Guess what they shooting up there!


This is what we shoot for! A beautiful picture.

Perfect lighting, Perfect environment & Perfect people 🙂


See the setup behind this beautiful pictures.


Besides that, they also having another shooting session under the house.


Here are our model!


Below are the outcome, using the correct flash lighting.


After the both shooting session here, I walk around… looking for some vintage photos.


Oopsy! Others bloggers are having a photo shooting behind there!


Credit to Ed Photography


DSC00277-2 DSC00280-2 DSC00281-2



3rd Class: Night Photography (Pre-Wedding)

Move on to the next location, and it’s also the last class of the day! Pre-wedding photo shooting. Before we talk about the shooting, they show us some Step-by-Step Directions:

Step 1:
Determine what scene will be.

Step 2:
Pose your model.

Step 3:
Before setting up your continuous light, take a photo.
• M mode
• Large Aperture (etc. 1.8 / 2.8 / 4)
• 1/50 (Depending how dark or light the background to be)
• ISO 400 (A good starting point)

After that, we taking bus to the next station.

DSC00292-2DSC00296-2DSC00298-2 DSC00300-2



Here you go! My photos 🙂

(They feels like doesn’t really want to get married :X)

DSC00329-2 DSC00320-2 DSC00326-2

After we taking few shoots, we start chit chatting with others bloggers and photographer.

DSC00342-2 DSC00344-2 DSC00346-2

Our long leg photos <3

DSC00886 copy DSC00887 copy

Wait a minutes! There is something happening opposite the road! It’s a marriage proposal!!

DSC00348-2 DSC00349-2

So Sweet!!

After the shooting, we went Jonker Street to look for some snacks 😛


Hi Jia Yeen Babe :3


Around 11pm, we arrived hotel and rest.


4th Class: Sunrise Photography

The next day, I woke up at 3.30am, start preparing for this Sunrise Photography session. Me & Angelica are the only blogger to attend the last sessions 🙂

DSC00366 DSC00368 DSC00378

There got few lighting, everyone is taking the lighting photos! haha

DSC00375 DSC00384

We waiting for few hours, the sun is not coming this way. So we decided to take a group photo before we leave. – feeling disappointed.


On the way back, Sham saw sunrise at somewhere. All the photographer on our bus calling the driver stop for awhile for them to capture the sunrise.


This is what I get. Woke up so early to just capture this moment.


Me & Sunrise (sounds like my friend XD)


Here are some photos by the photographer Ed.

Photo boom Sham.

DSC00946 copy DSC00949 oricopy DSC00948 copy


2days 1night Sony Alpha Workshop – MISSION COMPLETED!

I learn a lot in this event honestly. Thank you Sony, MHB and all the photographer who attend the event. Especially Sham & Ed, thank you guys for the knowledge of photography that you share with me, I appreciated it! Hope to see you guys soon!

DSC00487 DSC00489



We <3 Alpha!


Others photos:

Photo 23-08-2014 16 01 37
Sham’s camera
Pretty Angelica :3
Sony α7
Interesting Picture!

For more information, please log on to www.sony.com.my !

Thanks for reading my blog :B

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