[EVENT+GIVEAWAY] #BeyondRealMY @ Benefit Boutique, Mid Valley

Hellow girls! Since my last giveaway until now it’s been a while… Here’s another goodies to giveaway! Girls, continue reading to find out more about this giveaway!

Join now! You might be the winner to get a NEW Benefit Cosmetic They’re Real Push-up Eyeliner in Beyond Brown colour!



The day I’ve an invitation invitation from one of my MUST-HAVE cosmetic brand – Benefit Cosmetics!

#BeyondRealMY 0065

Introducing the new colour range of ‘They’re Real! Push-up Eyeliner‘ & ‘They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara‘! They’re in Malaysia now!!


#BeyondRealMY 0005 #BeyondRealMY 0009

#BeyondRealMY 0012

The makeup artist from Benefit Cosmetic explaining about the story behind They’re Real Collection..

#BeyondRealMY 0015

Cute Benefit Team representing themselves as the product to tell us the importance of having them! haha *cute*
#BeyondRealMY 0020 #BeyondRealMY 0022

I’ve my pinky shark sticker too :3

#BeyondRealMY 0091

Well, they’re asking for volunteer to try out the eyeliner on it… So.. I’m On! haha#BeyondRealMY 0029 The eyeliner she drawn on me:
Got my wing! :*
#BeyondRealMY 0090 #BeyondRealMY 0089

I had the eyeliner pen before. And I did a review on my blog also, so I’m not going to review the They’re Real! Push-up Eyeliner here! I will put the link below!

Please check out the review here:
[REVIEW] Benefit – They’re Real Push-up Liner

I like to go event so much! Because I always met new friends!

#BeyondRealMY 0033

#BeyondRealMY 0034

Hi Blogger Shivani 🙂

#BeyondRealMY 0011

Hi Blogger Jessica & Tashy 🙂

#BeyondRealMY 0035

#BeyondRealMY 0062 #BeyondRealMY 0063


So here’s the stars of the day!

They’re Real! Push-up Eyeliner

It’s come with 5 different colours.
(From Left to Right)
Black, Brown, Green, Purple & Blue.



Basically I will suggest people who are new in drawing eyeliner using the brown colour first. Black color eyeliner might be too contrast for you at the beginning. If you’re using black colour, once you draw wrongly & the line not so nice, your eyes will looks a bit ‘cacat’. Brown is very natural colour, you may try this before you go for black 🙂

#BeyondRealMY 0059

(I like the green!!!)

The texture it’s matt & thick for me and I like they make it as a pen for me easy to carry and draw.
#BeyondRealMY 0054


They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara

Besides black, now they having Brown and Blue in town!


They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara can lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates your lashes!

#BeyondRealMY 0052

The blue colour mascara I love it so much!

The picture below I actually put 3 layers of the mascara gel.. The colour of the mascara is bright and vibrant! This will be my first colour mascara! haha

Overall is good, no smudge.
#BeyondRealMY 0177

When I post the picture of myself wearing this blue mascara, there is a friend comment below and ask:
‘What’s the suitable or opportune time to put blue colour mascara? And how to match with others eye makeup?’ 

I said:
‘When you have no idea on eye makeup and you want to shine on your performance (my friend is a pub singer)! haha! Usually I will apply this without any eyeshadow or eyeliner! I want to have a eye capture! haha!’
#BeyondRealMY 0191



Benefit CosmeticThey’re Real Push-up Eyeliner!


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Contest Period : 16th August 2015 – 31th August 2015
Winner will be announce on 5th September 2015


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See ya! :B

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