[FOOD REVIEW] Interlude International Tapas Bar | 1st Tapas Restaurant & Bar in Klang Valley

Helow! Today wanted share you an interesting restaurant and bar at TTDI, it’s called Interlude International Tapas Bar!

Interlude TTDI 0002

The chef bringing a unique dining experience to Malaysians. Everything on the menu has been carefully selected to showcase the use of local ingredients.

First time tried out Tapas Bar and the food doesn’t disappointed me! I love it! Let me show you what’s the food they have in the menu!

First of all, I need to say, they really put effort in the bar! All the drawing it’s so artistic! It’s making the whole environment to a next level!

Interlude TTDI 0001

Cute Signage!

Interlude TTDI 0006 Interlude TTDI 0005 Interlude TTDI 0004 Interlude TTDI 0003 Interlude TTDI 0007


So what is International tapas?

Tapas normally associated with small plates of food from Spain, was developed with the sole purpose of keeping customers from straying away to line their stomachs in other establishments. But in Malaysia, I think their portion its still ok, not too small, ‘ngam ngam hor!’

So let’s move to the menu….

Interlude TTDI 0008


Grilled Chicken Breast with Mash and Chicken Jus

The chicken is confit, it’s actually a way of cooking to make sure the juicyness of the chicken still maintain in the chicken breast. Now they have this juicy chicken breast and also the crispy thin layer of the chicken skin! I like the way they cook the chicken breast, the texture is so good!

Interlude TTDI 0009


BBQ Pork Ribs with Guinness BBQ Sauce

It braised with cinnamon and five spices herbs with the pork stalk for 2.5hrs for the flavors to get into the bones. They also Glazed with their in-house made Guinness BBQ sauce! It’s quite a interesting ribs! (For me, I think the pork ribs is a little bit dry and hard to chew. Maybe is because of my braces…? hahaXD)

Interlude TTDI 0010


Crispy Pork Belly wit Kill Kenny Glaze

2hrs baking with a layer of salt! After the baking process, they layer the savory Kill Kenny sauce before they serve. Last but not least, serve together with a lot of pickled cabbage.

Interlude TTDI 0011

Pork Burger

If you’re a burger lover you will love this! A super thick patty with bacon combination! *yumyum!

Interlude TTDI 0012 Interlude TTDI 0013 Interlude TTDI 0014


Citrus Chicken Salad

Healthy diet with this Citrus Chicken Salad!! A lot of veggie, chicken breast, mint leaves and etc…

By using the fresh lemon vinegar, and mustard as a dressing! MUST TRY!!

Interlude TTDI 0015 Interlude TTDI 0016


Carrot Parpadelle


They shave the carrot into a thin layer to do the parpadelle shape. So it’s not pasta, it’s carrot strips!! *Interesting…….

Interlude TTDI 0017

Interlude TTDI 0018

Carrot ‘pasta’ with the sauce of carrot and orange puree! It’s Vegan! The best choices for vegetarian!

Interlude TTDI 0019 Interlude TTDI 0020 Interlude TTDI 0021


17 hours Slow Cooked Pork Belly

A star product in Interlude! As the chef mentioned, this is a sous viede dish also known as the modern version of confit!

First, the pork belly is sealed in a vacuumed sealed and cooked in a water bath by using the lower temperature. The reason they sealed the pork belly in a vacuumed sealed, it’s to keep the juicyness of the pork.
The sauce you see below will be the gribiche inspired sauce which consists of grated egg white, chicken stock, cram, gherkin and some taragon herb.

Interlude TTDI 0022

Nantua of Spaghetti with a Selection of Seafood

A pasta with a lot of prawns and other seafood like mussels and squids! It’s big prawn!!!

The sauce the make by creamy prawn bisque with tomato based sauce, I can taste the heavy prawn flavor!

Interlude TTDI 0023


Baked Snapper in Tom Yum Broth


The Baked Snapper is a combination of tom yum and miso! Sound weird but it’s taste really good.. Unexpected you can eat this kind of tom yum dish at this kind of restaurant and bar! I’m totally fall for the rice. Full of tom yum! If you’re not a tom yum lover it might not your cuo of tea because the tom yum it’s really thick.. but it still taste good for me XD

Interlude TTDI 0024

That’s all for the food that we tried that day.

In the end, we managed to get to see the making of the rainbow shots by the Interlude bar tender!

Enjoy the video at the end of the post!

Interlude TTDI 0025 Interlude TTDI 0026 Interlude TTDI 0027

Thanks Foodink, Stella(L) for the invitation! Im really enjoy the food!

Interlude TTDI 0028

Photoshooting sessions!! haha XD

Interlude TTDI 0029

Before we left, selfie with Auntie Lily! She is so friendly and nice!

*Nice to meet you!!!*

Interlude TTDI 0030

And also Elana!! :3 *Cheers!*

Interlude TTDI 0031

LIKE! And I’ill be back soon! 🙂

Interlude TTDI 0032


Here’s are the summary video of the menu! Enjoy!


50, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Kuala Lumpur



Tue – Sun: 4:00 pm – 2:00 am (Monday Closed)



• Wednesday – Ladies Night (Free Flow Alcohol)
• Friday – Live Band from 9pm to 11pm (every Friday)






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