Laser Tag Party & Butterfly Project 1st Anniversary

Dear all! Last few week I joined the Butterfly Project’s activity at Laser Tag @ ecurve. This is a great experience to share with you guys!

After I joined this game, there is a thinking come out first from my mind! Because of the equipment, environment and rules of this game, I highly recommend for all the girls to play!

When I reach there, there is a registration counter before the arena area.

(I saw the Butterfly Project Signage! I’m coming~~!)

Here are the rest and F&B area for the team members, which means us 🙂

After make a register, let’s look around!
Looks like they gonna start a party~~


What is LASER TAG about?

LASER TAG is probably the most exciting live game that simulates an actual battlefield. It is similar to the classic and still well-loved PC games wherein you strategize with your team on how to defeat your opponent. They actually require team strategy but on a LIVE, ACTUAL battlefield arena. LASER TAG is the cooler, painless (this point really grab my attention!) and high-technology version of paint ball games. 



In a more technical definition, LASER TAG use the hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. So this means no pain as targeting or shooting is done via light or laser. Normally, before the game starts, players will be oriented on how to use the devices properly. Laser light can go fast and far, mean that we don’t really need to run closer to the target to shoot, what a cool game ya!


Before we go into the arena, we need to suit up the Laser Sensor Vest!!
Do you see there is something like white or transparent button on the vest? That one is actually the sensor area, they have it on front and back also. Which means when you use the Laser Gun to shoot on the sensor area, you will grab the marks!
They have few light colors to identify the team colors. So won’t shoot the wrong person 🙂
(I like to be the 背后灵 when I play the game. Why? Because if you shoot their back sensor you get more marks! Hooray!! XD)
The score board is actually outside the arena so after the team finish the game, they can come out to see their marks individually or teams 🙂
When I walk into the arena, it’s just DARK==, can’t event see the floor…. So scary and I start worried about how I’m gonna play the game?! Below are some picture that I taken on that day.
Honestly, they really put effort on those decor. They really make the whole arena looks like a real life battlefield!



For me, their price are quite reasonable.
For a battles (10mins game),
Normal Price: RM20
Student Price: RM17
They also have the party package, which is RM50/pax. Minimum 15 pax required, 4 games, F&B included, and also 2hours usage of private room!

First-time players do not need to worry. They have professionals will guide you on how you can make laser tag an exciting and fun-filled activity with others team. 

After you wear the Laser Sensor Vest, you need to tighten up the vest

All the butterflies are concentrating on the briefing section 🙂

This is the vest from back view!!!

They’ll also separate the group for us before we enter.
My group is called, MULAN~! (How cute is that! Female Warrior!)
OK! Finish the briefing!
Let’s Start the Battle!!!
* * *
In the battling section my camera is not with me so I don’t have my team photo ><
When we play the game, the place is cool, but we sweat too! Hiding here and there, shooting each other, it’s fun!
* * *
After the game, we having the award ceremony for those winner!

Before the ceremony start, let’s Tammy (The Butterfly Project Owner) have a speech!
*Clap Clap*

“We Start from the 4th place! The 4th place is………..
Unfortunately, my team Mulan take the last place 🙁 
Others winner to got medals & trophy!

 After the ceremony, let’s take a #selfie !

Helo babe :3

Honestly, I very happy to join this game, I make a lot of new friends. And it really take Zap my stress! What a tiring day with girls! :3

Thanks Tammy!

Butterflies group photo!!
Today’s activity, SUCCESS!!
Thank you Laser Tag & Butterfly project! You guys are the best!!
More information can just visit their official website:
And also click [LIKE] on their facebook page ya!
E@Curve Damansara
Lot L1-93, E@Curve,
No 2. Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara PJU 7,
47810 Selangor
Phone No.:

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