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Hey all, do you know about the brand called Alcatel? I born in 90’s, when the time I studies secondary school, I started to know more about phones. The first time I know Alcatel, the time I was 13 years old (if not mistaken)… My auntie was using this Alcatel OT 511.

Alcatel OT 511

At that time it’s still in monotone (B&W), buttons, and no camera… No color screen.. haha! The phone it’s small, and it’s unbreakable! haha My auntie use it for more than 5years… That’s how I know Alcatel


What about Alcatel in 2014?

  1. Strong contender for Xiaomireasonable priced phone with strong features.
  2. Been working with reputable brand such as Orange and Vodafone.
  3. Highly penetrated in Europe and US market with high quality handsets.
  4. Launched the campaign #BEaFlasher to embrace the culture of expressing their individuality through selfies.
  5. (and more…)

Do check out #BEaFlasher campaign on Instagram and Facebook!! You can also share with us your Flasher Selfie!!

Alcatel Onetouch Flash (#BEaFlasher)


On 9th December 2014, Alcatel launched Alcatel Onetouch Flash in Malaysia. And it’s available nationwide for sales since 12th December 2014. Alcatel branded this Onetouch Flash as a selfie smartphone for selfie lovers. It’s emphasize on how great and handy it will be with it. With 5MP HD Front Camera and 13MP Full HD Back Camera you can imagine how beautiful the selfie you can take! It also have a huge battery of 3200mAh!

Other than a normal front camera, there is a special features for the front camera which they added the Beauty Enhancer Mode without the need for 3rd party apps. NO MORE MEITU!! XD

Alcatel Onetouch Flash got 5.5 inches HD screen to have a better view for selfies. Not just a smartphone but also a fashion accessory with the premium design that collaborated with HYDRASKIN to creating a fashionable look for Alcatel Onetouch Flash. There’s more, every Onetouch Flash comes with free flip cover and also screen warranty care plus (screen crack warranty –OMG!).

Here you go, the TVC for this Alcatel One touch Flash:

For more information, please check out their official website:

Alcatel Onetouch Malaysia www.alcatelonetouch.com/ml/

FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/ALCATELONETOUCHmalaysia

Alcatel Onetouch Flash www.alcatelonetouchflash.com/my


** Alcatel is available at Harvey Norman and plenty of dealers around. No need to wait to purchase.

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