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Hey girls, today gonna share you My Beauty Regime! This blogpost going to be a quick review on the product that I’m using right now! Let’s get started!

Some of the product are from Butterfly Beauty Box, product I bought myself, and sponsors products.

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I personally got inner oily skin, outer dry skin… Which cause me a lot of skin problem now a day! Facial Mask or Sleeping Mask always my best choice for some emergency! Especially, the Sleeping Mask I usually use –  Laneige Sleeping Mask 🙂

Besides the product in the image, I also like to use mud mask which is from Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask! Sometimes when I travel, I like to carry those small sample mask! E.g. GLAM GLOW THIRSTYMUD™ HYDRATING TREATMENT! :3

Keep your skin enough of moisture! (And also drink more water!!)

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After applying mask, you can also apply some moisturizing lotion. I would like to recommended you my recent favourite brand – Cetaphil Moisturizing LotionI’m using the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream cure my back acne! Their product it’s amazing! I tried on few people like me have back ance problem. After they using the Moisturizing Cream, the back ance all gone! It’s magic!! Can’t leave without Cetaphil now! XD (Cetaphil is ok to use on face & body)

A small tiny lotion I like to carry, L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream, make your hand moisture too 🙂

Another thing must do before you went out! Using the mist from Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist, spray a thin layer on your face! It will freshen you up and also smoothing your skin!

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Everyone need to have a set of complete skincare for your daily routine! This is mine 🙂

ELIXIR is a skincare products from Mediviron UOA. It’s actually helping me on my face acne problem. Regrading the product review I will do a detail blog post soon! STAY TUNE 🙂

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I would like to recommended a new product from GARNIER, Sakura White Series.

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam
Enriched with Extract Sakura, cleans gently and thoroughly, the face looks fresh and bright white flushed within 7 days. The formula is gentle and also suitable for sensitive skin.

Sakura WhitePinkish Radiance Whitening Cream
With a blend of extracts of Sakura and Whitening Vitamins (B3 & CG), this cream nourishes the skin, helps lighten skin color, and black blemishes.Skin feels smooth and pores appear smaller. It’s also got the SPF21 / PA +++, you can use it as a sunscreen! 🙂
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Recently receive a box of NIVEA products! Below are the product I currently using.

If you read my blog post before, I got review a series of lotion & serum, and I mentioned I hate sticky skin! Well, From the day I use until now, the result of the product is good and it’s NON-STICKY!!! I recorded my skin color by taking picture in the 14days, it’s really turned fair! I can’t go out to face the sunlight without this honestly! haha! Without the NIVEA EXTRA WHITENING Skin Therapy Serum, I felt my skin getting burned ><

At night time, I’ll using the NIVEA Whitening Night Serum before I sleep! It’s super comfy! NON-STICKY! NON-STICKY!!!! 

Highly recommended!!

Regrading the product review I will do a detail blog post soon too! STAY TUNE 🙂

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HAIR CARE – Biolage by Matrix

The SmoothProof Shampoo(Yellow)it’s really smooth! If you have no budget, buy the shampoo was enough! It’s a Shampoo with frizzy hair cleanses and controls frizz for manageability and smoothness. Polishes hair and encapsulates it in a protective shield!

Actually I’ve using their product before. Previously I’m using the ColorLast Series! The low pH shampoo for color-treated hair, it’s helps prolong color vibrancy. It also gently cleanses to prevent unnecessary stripping of color. The paraben-free formula is suitable for color-treated hair!

The ColorLast Shampoo(Pink) itself, after I wash it my hair very dry! Honestly! For people got oily hair, you should use it. But if you’re long and oily hair, you have to add-on the ColorLast Conditioner! Their hair conditioner is amazing! After I use their hair conditioner, I can TWO days didn’t wash my hair and it’s still smooth! haha!

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Another EXTRA Care for hair, ColorLast Hair Mask. I recommend that you pair ColorLast Hair Mask with ColorLast Shampoo for extra color protection. Use once or twice weekly in place of COLORLAST Conditioner. 🙂



That’s all for My Beauty Regime! Hope it will works on you too!

See you in the next post! :B


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