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I am here to do a quick review for this LipIce Sheer Color. This is going to be an HONEST review. Every user/consumer got their own perception, ok.

Let’s start with a simple intro of the product.


LipIce, the No. 1 lip care brand in Malaysia introduced the newly upgraded LipIce Sheer Colour. It designed to work like magic on the lips, the color changeable lip balm glides on clear when it is first applied on the lips. In just a few seconds, your lip colour changes to a natural sheer pink unique to the individual that enhances the beauty of her lips.

With an upgraded Beeswax and Argan Oil formula, the new LipIce Sheer Colour provides moisturizing properties and also helps to brighten dull lips to reveal healthy, pink lips. Now, with just one swipe of the lip balm, everyone can have fuller and bouncy lips! Apart from that, the LipIce Sheer Colour is also infused with Commiphora Mukul Herb Extract to smoothen fine lines and keep the lips bouncy.

To represent its total LipIce range, LipIce has signed on Korean singer and actress Kim Jae-Kyung as its brand ambassador.

*I am only having the pink one, so I will review this range only.

Product Shots




The LipIce Sheer Color is available in three variants namely Strawberry, Shimmer and Fragrance Free. The one that I have is strawberry (pink). It may brighten your lips up to more natural looks. The long lasting pink color really good for people who worried about the fading lip color. Color will turns on after a few seconds. Kinda cool right!

*I did shower and shampoo my body. But I take the experiment with non rubbing the color area and the color stays about 3days!!! Surprisingly!

Buttery and gloss



Apply on Lips

Everything looks good after you apply. The color comes out, the moisture is there too.

But there is a thing.

On the packaging itself shows ‘LipIce Sheer Colour provides 10 hours moisturizing properties‘ but after 4hours, my lips totally DRY OUT! I was thinking might because I am in the aircond room thats why it dry out fast.

So I take another experiment when I am outdoor and normal temperature. IT DRY OUT TOO! WHY?!

This is a bit disappointed.


Summary Review

I personally like the vibrant pink very much. When it comes to the ’10hours Moisture’ I can’t agree it. It is really dry out my lips after 4hours. If you’re looking for moisture lip balm, this might not be your choice!


Priced at RM15.80 each, it will be available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets starting March 2016.


That’s all my HONEST review above. Hope to see you in my next blogpost. Bye :B

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