My First Phuket Trip! (Pt2- Eat Massage Selfie!!)


Haha! Now I want to share with you my second day in Phuket!!! Around 10pm something we decided to come out the food store just opposite our hotel to have our breakfast!!


They was just in the alley road selling very simple and traditional thai food.


Sauces & Spices


Eat first babes!!!


Selfie!! Haha (Hi Donna!!)

Phuket0118 Phuket0119

Negotiate the price for our activity tonight and the next day! *Excited*

Because of many of Chinese from China like to go Thailand, so in Phuket the ‘sales person’ normally can speak quite understanding mandarin! If you can’t speak english to them, just speak mandarin la! haha


Tuk tuk shoot!!



8 of Ecopia’s Fairies!!! haha


After that, we walk along the road to the shopping mall in Patong, Phuket. จังซีลอน, Jungceylon.

Phuket0131 Phuket0132

In Thailand, Big C it’s like tesco, a huge hypermarket at everywhere. Then I found something!! It’s my mouthwash & toothpaste!


Im using the Fluocaril Ortho 123 (Right Pink with code 101) which is specialist for braces orthodontics people to use. I Likey!!


They buy a lots of cup noodle for our next trip!


And then, you know there is a fun fact you travel with those event PICs (Person in charge)? They uses to arrange accommodation, checking in, and packing, so it’s very easy when you travel with them.

Below picture was the scene they packing the cup noodle and we want to check in and bring back to Malaysia then only transfer to next trip. All the tapes and labelling stuff they do was so professional. haha


They said need to have a bit excitement before the night show! So we take some beer!! hahaha


Having some time in hotel! Then I suggest to have a group photo sessions!!!! This is my favourite picture! I’m so happy! haha Not drunk k! haha


Single Shots!


Ugly poses!!!



Fun time.. 🙂 Lovely~

Snacks time!! Pandan Bread + Mango Sticky Rice + Coconut Ice cream

Honestly, for me, the snacks not very delicious, still ok! haha *Just because I craving for Snacks! haha

Phuket0170 Phuket0171

Some of us just buy some ice cream bread out there, others people were went the 7eleven to look for food! Then we gather at swimming pool at the rooftop.

It’s a little quite and dirty (water) up there la..



Here’s the food! OMG I tell you!!! The best 7eleven’s food ever!!! Why the 7eleven in Malaysia never have this kind of food???? I can settle my whole day meal in 7eleven lo honestly! That all are instant food, soup, porridge and etc. It’s taste better than normal hawker food lo!!


After we finish the food, I asked the hotel staff to clean the pool, but they said, this area it’s closed. He call us move to the lobby pool.

The Lobby swimming pool was so clean and nice! You can even order a drinks there! *Relaxxx~

Phuket0179 Phuket0180Phuket0178SWIMMING POOLPhuket0191Phuket0182


I like the wrinkly fingers after swimming!!


My eyeliner so ‘geng’! Super waterproof! It’s Stila Liquid Eyeliner in brown colors.



It’s time to go back to Malaysia and transfer to Borocay!!!!!! YEAY!!!


Phuket0211 Phuket0213

Before we leave, last massage in phuket!!


Massage until my leg got lots of blue black! haha


Lunch before leave @ Jungceylon, Patong !

Phuket0219 Phuket0220 Phuket0221 Phuket0222 Phuket0224

Here we are at Joe Louis, Thai Restaurant.

Their food is a little bit expensive compare to roadside food store la, but it’s still reasonable. THAI FOOD DA BEST!!!

Phuket0227 Phuket0225Phuket0231 Phuket0232 Phuket0233 Phuket0234Phuket0237

Dessert time! Upside down ice cream @ Dairy Queen !!!



This is fantastic!!


Imma happy girl with ice cream!!!!

Phuket0247 Phuket0249

End up I have quite serious gastric just because of I ate too much roadside food and beer! Mix and match huh! Well, I still loving roadside thai food!!!! XD


Heading to airport now!!


Oh ya! Buy some honey!! My fav honey!!

Phuket0258 Phuket0259



It’s time to say goodbye to Phuket!

Phuket0267 Phuket0269 Phuket0270

Jagermeister for Borocay trip!



That’s all my Phuket Trip


Will update Borocay trip soon! MY LOVE BOROCAY!!

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