[REVIEW] Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara

It’s been a long time (a month) no update my blog! Kinda busy on my full time job this month..

And now I’m here to share you a very good mascara I’m using recently. *tata*

Benefit Cosmetic Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Roller Lash Review-02

First of all, thank you Jenny & Angelica for the mascara as my birthday present! I Love it so much :3

Benefit Roller Lash Review-v2-03

In terms of normal mascara, Benefit Cosmetics come out a very creative idea by using the old school hair roller curler as the main concept and idea of this mascara.


Just because it is a roller for eyelashes, the Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls… The curve-setting formula of the mascara can also hold for 12hours! (How amazing is that!)




Gently wiggle the wand from base of lashes to tip. Repeat across your lashline, making sure to catch every lash.


  • Lengthen & volume
  • Curl enough
  • Waterproof
  • Black ink
  • Non-sticky mascara formula
  • Easy-to-remove


  • Messy layer on 2nd layer
  • Little smudge after 12hours

Below are the effect the eyelashes by using Benefit Cosmetic Roller Lash Mascara!

Benefit Roller Lash Review-05

Benefit Roller Lash Review-v2-02

For me, I will apply 3 layer. Or else, you can try your own.. For light makeup, I prefer 1-2 layers. 🙂

Benefit Roller Lash Review-01

After the 3 layer of application….

Benefit Roller Lash Review-06


The after effect of the eyelashes looks ok for me. NO CURLER NEEDED!


Benefit Roller Lash Review-v2-05

The overall review of this mascara is ★★★★

Most of the time I am recommended for people who are asking me for a good mascara. It’s too worth to try and buy! If you have the budget below MYR 100 for mascara you can try this out!

It’s a very good start for youngster who started to do your own makeup!

Benefit Roller Lash Review-v2-04


MYR 95

Compare to the price of buying a good Eyelash Curler (eg. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler MYR 60) + a good Mascara Formula (Brand X average price MYR 90), you can actually ‘invest’ on this Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara!



  • Sephora
  • Benefit Cosmetics Boutique

*Anyone of the store stated above.



You can also see my full review on YouTube by click the link below:

Benefit Roller Lash Review-07

Hope you guys like it! See you on next blog post!!


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