[REVIEW] Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion & Serum

Aloha! Spring break is coming, I’m going to have a week trip to Phuket & Boracay on this coming July!!! There are Two important things for this vacation, Bikini & Sunscreen! I’m actually start my diet to have a BIKINI BODY! Another things need to get prepare is looking for a perfect sunscreen or body lotion to protect your skin! 

Thank you Butterfly Project gave me the chance to try the new Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion & Serum! This body lotion series they have 4 different type of lotion that could help you desire your skin! 

When I was a child, my mom like to use this brand, their body powder apply on my body. After 20 years, I’m still using their body powder everyday! Their product have an unforgettable perfume smells, makes me smells good!! hahaha!!

This is the body I’m using now! I like the smell so much!

What Are Lotions?
Body lotions are lotions applied to the body after bathing. They contain more water than body cream to hydrate, smoothen and soften the skin.
MOISTUREOils that are in lotion give skin moisture and elasticity. They are absorbed into the skin, repairing and soothing dry skin.
The same oils in lotion that repair dry skin can also prevent irritation from dry skin. Also, if a lotion contains SPF, it can help prevent sun damage.


By using lotion to protect against sun damage and dry skin, you can help minimize the aging process. Dry skin that loses elasticity and sun damage can cause wrinkles and fine lines.


Some lotions contain additives that can either lighten or darken the appearance of skin pigment.


Most lotions contain fragrance oils that can be used for a light scent. The scent is less potent than perfumes or colognes and is beneficial for people who desire the scent but are sensitive to stronger perfumes.
OK! Let’s talk about their body lotion!
Below here are the closer looks for 4 different body lotion:

The volume is not really big, so this is the best size to bring it to my July vacation XD

They have Firm & Repair, Triple Whitening, All-in-One Whitening and Light & Fresh 4 type of body lotion. (Honestly, I still love the smell of the yellow bottle lotion! :D)

1. Firm & Repair Body Lotion gives you Healthy, Supple & Youthful looking skin. This lotion is enriched with Micro Collagen that strengthens and firms up body tissues, keeping skin firm, supple and youthful looking. This lotion it’s smells like sweets! (THIS IS TOO SWEET FOR ME >< )
2. Triple Whitening Body Lotion gives you Fair & Radiant skin that will love to flaunt through 3 whitening action in which 3 main whitening ingredients which is Vitamin B3, Sakura & Licorice Concentrates work together to Whiten & Even Out skin tone. (IT”S SMELLS LIKE FLOWER!)
3. All-in-One Whitening Body Serum giving you Multiple Benefits in 1 application for Fair, Beautiful Soft skin even if you are out under the sun. In this body serum they have SPF24++ which is enough SPF for us walk under the sun. SPF24++ Sun Protection against harmful UVA & UVB sun rays. If you’re looking for a better sunscreen, you must look for the UVA & UVB Protection and it’s not really sticky on my skin! (THIS IS A MUST FOR MY VACATION!)
4. Light & Fresh Body Lotion, a fast absorbing, water-based formulation giving you Fair, Fresh & Moisturized skin. For this body lotion, they have UV Protection but they didn’t mentions about the UVA & UVB, so it’s should be the normal body lotion. 🙂 (BUT IT”S SMELLS REALLY GOOD!!!!! I WILL BRING THIS TOO!!!)
Please looks carefully and details the All-in-One Whitening Body Serum, it’s have a different texture compare to the others 3 body lotions.
The All-in-One Body Lotion is more solid & creamy white! Others are more watery & liquid texture. It’s because of the sunscreen ingredient? Maybe 🙂
1. Firm & Repair = RM8.90 (150ml)
2. Triple Whitening = RM8.90 (150ml)
3. All-in-One Whitening = RM11.50 (135ml)
4. Light & Fresh = RM8.90 (150ml)

I personally recommend for those girls who actually looking for the new body lotion, especially for the people who want to go for vacation in this coming july, like me XD

Find the products at your nearest hypermarket or pharmacies, you will be surprised the outcome after you try it! I will also grab another bottle of All-in-One Whitening body Serum before I go to my vacation! I’m coming Phuket & Boracay!!!



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