[REVIEW] Maybelline Lip POLISH by Color Sensational

Today I’m gonna do a review for this Maybelline Lip POLISH. (How nice the color ya~~)
Special Thanks: my dearest company, boss, colleague & L’oreal, so that I can do this review.

Honestly, I’m not really do lip makeup. Instead of do lip makeup, I more concern about lip care 🙂

After I start using the lip stain which is my sister gave me (Thanks sis!), I feel like wanted to collect more lip cosmetics. And also the trend of lip color now a days was gradient lip, for those people like me got thick lips, this is a good lip makeup solution to make your lips looks thinner & nicer. I’m not saying thick lips not good, but as you can see my lips is actually quite full:

First, let’s look at the tiny swatches on my hand 🙂

I personally like those natural lip color, because most of the time I do daily makeup only.
(sometimes will have some wild event or night life…. you know what I’m saying right…… 😉 )


Maybelline Lip POLISH is actually a lip gloss type cosmetics. It is also a 3-in-1 potion which harnesses the best qualities of a balm, lipstick and lip gloss. Definitely not sticky, it’s pigmented, moisturizing and cushy on the lips.


When I receive this Lip POLISH, I thought it’s a lip stick. After I unbox the packaging, it’s actually comes in a small plastic rectangular tube which is transparent and a metallic cap. Inside is a doe foot applicator which is slightly bent which makes it super easy to apply the gloss.


The texture for this Lip POLISH is creamy, glossy and it’s feel a bit heavy. For me, I think this is quite sticky.


1. This is the outcome that you only apply the Lip POLISH (without concealer)


 2. Gradient Lips applied. (with concealer)


Price for this Lip POLISH is RM 32.60. You guys can get this at nearest Watson, Guardian or any maybelline counter ya 🙂

I personally like Glam 9 a lot…. maybe it’s make my lips looks natural in both way.

This Lip POLISH smooths out the lips like a balm, gives a glossy finish like a lip gloss and amazing pigmentation like a lipstick. This lip color really nice for me, I will use this because of the colors instead of the quality honestly.

I hope you guys enjoy my review.

#selfie :3



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