[REVIEW] The Best Cafe for Gathering at Puchong | MISS Coffee & Toast

Today wanted to share you a nice cafe, me and my friends just have a gathering there! The shop called MISS Coffee & Toast. Which located at Puchong Bandar Puteri.

Miss Toast & Coffee 0081

I like their signature Toast! And there is a unique thing in this cafe!
Continue reading to find out more!

The environment of the cafe is very calm and quite. I personally think that is a good place for you to meet your friends here. Having a birthday party I think is not a good idea at here, because the space in the cafe is actually quite medium cannot fit in too much people. So if you make party here makes sure you book the cafe! hahaha! *joking*

Miss Coffee & Toast 0007

As a designer, I like those clean and neat design. The whole cafe interior and graphic on the menu it’s looks good for me. Now a days, Malaysia have a lot of nice decor cafe here! Instead of looking at my friend went other countries’s cafe or coffee shop, I having my good time here too 😀

Miss Coffee & Toast 0020 Miss Coffee & Toast 0018 Miss Coffee & Toast 0002

Izzit looks good?

Miss Coffee & Toast 0027 Miss Coffee & Toast 0024

Miss Coffee & Toast 0008 Miss Coffee & Toast 0010 Miss Coffee & Toast 0012 Miss Coffee & Toast 0015

When you gathering here, the first thing you will consider is the environment.

Second, the beverage!

Raspberry Orange
This is my juice!
Taste good! Hard to describe! A very unique mix fruit juice 🙂

RM 12.00

Miss Coffee & Toast 0030

Organic Soy Milk Latte
Before you drink, do pour the coffee jelly into the soy milk 🙂

RM 11.00

Miss Coffee & Toast 0047

Caffe Latte
Cute coffee art 😛

RM 10.00

Miss Coffee & Toast 0033

Now, let’s see the food!

Classic Waffle
*vanilla ice-cream, maple syrup, strawberry, whipped cream

RM 16.00

Miss Coffee & Toast 0048

Smoked Salmon Carbonara
*spaghetti pasta sautéed with smoked salmon, capers, capsicum in rich carbonara sauce


Miss Coffee & Toast 0056

Mini Toast
• Baked Cheesy Chicken Ham on Toast With Mozzarella
• Shredded Crab Meat, mixed Mayonnaise on Toast
• Smoked Salmon, Capers, Black Olive, Lemon
• Smoked Duck, Hard-boiled Egg, Mesclun Salad

(I personally think the bread is a bit hard, or maybe is because of I’m wearing the braces so the bread feels hard for me? haha)

1 slice: RM 5.00
Set of 3 slices: RM 12.00
Set of 5 slices: RM 20.00

Miss Coffee & Toast 0069


Miss Classic Honey Toast
MISS Coffee & Toast signature toast!! My fav! The toast is crunchy yet not too hard!

RM 16.00

Miss Coffee & Toast 0071

Banana Chocolate Toast
This is not bad also, the chocolate not so sweet! Finally I’m slowly accept chocolate 😛


Miss Coffee & Toast 0080

Another speciality of the cafe!


We often heard about Lock of Love & Friendship. In MISS Coffee & Toast, you can lock your Love & Friendship here and get something free a year later!



Photo creadit: Original Kerchi @ originalkerchi.blogspot.com


Purchase a love lock @ RM30 and lock your love/friendship in the cafe for a year! Share your love with MISS Coffee & Toast!!

You will receive a couple/BFF certificate in the spot & this certificate will be used to claim a ‘SPECIAL Honey toast’ one year later with the same person, same date and same venue! How cool is that!

PS: Locks cannot be redeemed if couple/BFF failed to return on the exact same date, next year!

Miss Toast & Coffee 0094

That’s all for the review of the food and cafe! Love it! We will come back next time! *peace*

MISS Coffee & Toast 
Puchong Financial Corporate Centre,
47100, Puchong

MISS Coffee & Toast


This is what I called – Friendship!

Miss Toast & Coffee 0084 Miss Toast & Coffee 0092 Miss Toast & Coffee 0090

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