Shizens Glamouresque Beauty Workshop + Review

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Hey girls today I am gonna share you some skincare which really works on me.

In the early of April, I attended an beauty workshop by Shizens – Glamouresque Private Workshop.
It’s kinda fun to explore Shizens skincare and makeup collections.

Shizens have their basic skincare but yet they did challenge some new stuff which I quite impressed of.

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Basically in the event they did the live demo on one of the blogger and also share us a lot of skincare knowledge and makeup skill. The memorable product from them are the Eye Charm which is the fibre can lengthen the eyelashes itself. After that only apply mascara. It’s really works! In the workshop they also demo the way to use the eye charm.

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Here’s some product usage step you might take a look (if you have any Shizens’s product): 

  1. Cleanser – Hydro Cleanser
  2. Toning – Hydro Enhancing Lotion
  3. Water booster – Hydra Quench
  4. Essence
    – Hydro Liposome Essential (Refining & firming)
    – Liposome Fair Refining Essential (Moisture)
    Both essential are using the micro capsule technology to keep the ingredient fresh in the capsule.
  5. *You can apply your makeup after all the steps above*
  6. Optional Application – Ultimate Potent (Firming and lifting)

So next, we move on to the SPECIAL REVIEW of the Ultimate Potent & Hydra Quench.

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1. Ultimate Potent

Ultimate Potent was formulated specifically for an instant skin lifting effect, evens skin tone that promotes a smooth and youthful appearance. A perfect lifting in the blink of an eye, leaving you firm and youthful skin.

I’ve been trying the product for quite sometime, and it still working on me. The first time I tried the product, the beauty consultant from Shizens was suggesting me to spray it on after my makeup done. And surprisingly it works!! This is kinda magic! Normally people might think skincare might apply before the sunscreen (I categorised the Ultimate Potent as skincare la) but this product goes something different. Kinda positioned it as the setting spray + enhancement for your whole look. I like it!!

Rating: ★★★★

Spray it on face after toner and essence. Gently pat or massage (upright direction for better result) till completely absorb.

*Optional: Spray it after your makeup as finishing spray and also to enhance your face to achieve the perfect lifting effect.

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2. Hydra Quench

An intensely hydrating essence formulated to boost up moisture level for all skin type especially dehydrated skin with soothing effect up to 24 hours. Hydra Quench replenish, keeping and lock-in the moisture in your skin to hydrated and refreshed the complexion.

Personally think the water booster is kinda extra hydrating for my skin. It’s kinda water base formulation so it have the faster absorption and it can makes your skin stay hydrating whole day. It already become my recent favourite of skincare.


Dispense 1-2 drops onto your fingertips and gently pat onto face and massage using circular motions upward till completely absorbed. Suitable to be used day and night, prior moisturizers.

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Thank you Shizens Malaysia for the invite of the beauty workshop! The product itself, definitely will repurchase!

Hope you guys enjoy the blogpost! See you in my next post! *Ciao*

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