[Travel + Video] Aerisk x BKK 2015 with Ecopians Pt. 1

It’s been 2 months I came back from Bangkok. Finally I’ve done my 3mins vlog about the trip! haha! The 5days of my Bangkok trip, I can’t even make it into 3mins video. So I make it into few parts and it will be slowly upload on my YouTube Channel Florence & Lace


Do Click the link to find out more video about my beauty and makeup ideas 😛

AeriskxBKK'15 0002

Fav silly face shots with Kelly & Alicia!!

AeriskxBKK'15 0007

Hi Melvin &  Elaine

AeriskxBKK'15 0010 AeriskxBKK'15 0011 AeriskxBKK'15 0015

Miss Kimberly watching Elsa when we flying! hahahah

AeriskxBKK'15 0020 AeriskxBKK'15 0023

Youngest tour guide ever! haha

AeriskxBKK'15 0024 AeriskxBKK'15 0027

|  Lunch @ Nathong Restaurant  |

AeriskxBKK'15 0041

AeriskxBKK'15 0030 AeriskxBKK'15 0031 AeriskxBKK'15 0032 AeriskxBKK'15 0033 AeriskxBKK'15 0035 AeriskxBKK'15 0038 AeriskxBKK'15 0034

|  Check in @ The Eugenia Hotel, Sukhumvit 31  |

AeriskxBKK'15 0205 AeriskxBKK'15 0184 AeriskxBKK'15 0183 AeriskxBKK'15 0203 AeriskxBKK'15 0048 AeriskxBKK'15 0046 AeriskxBKK'15 0049 AeriskxBKK'15 0050 AeriskxBKK'15 0055 AeriskxBKK'15 0054 AeriskxBKK'15 0052


|  Walking around @ Soi Sukhumvit  |

AeriskxBKK'15 0056

First massage!!! Yesh!

AeriskxBKK'15 0057

Coconut Cake!! I bought it from Pak Bakery.

AeriskxBKK'15 0059

Street food da best!!!

AeriskxBKK'15 0061AeriskxBKK'15 0063

Walking along the streets, there is a lot of cafes, bars and izakaya (居酒屋). And I realised Sukhumvit area is living in high expenses lifestyle, mostly tourist (especially Japanese).

AeriskxBKK'15 0065 AeriskxBKK'15 0066 AeriskxBKK'15 0068 AeriskxBKK'15 0072 AeriskxBKK'15 0073

After few days staying in Sukhumvit, I take taxi more than 5 times! Regarding to the Cab’s driver here. You want to reach here(my hotel), you need to walk about 35mins to reach. Sukhumvit have many Soi (roads) and it’s narrow so driver don’t used to come in to fetch people.

If you’re planning a budget trip to Bangkok, Sukhumvit is not good to stay and yet you can come over to visit this area.

We heading to Central Embassy to have our dinner!

AeriskxBKK'15 0076

|  Dinner @ Somboon Seafood, Central Embassy  |

AeriskxBKK'15 0074

AeriskxBKK'15 0079 AeriskxBKK'15 0080 AeriskxBKK'15 0083AeriskxBKK'15 0086 AeriskxBKK'15 0087 AeriskxBKK'15 0088 AeriskxBKK'15 0089 AeriskxBKK'15 0090 AeriskxBKK'15 0091 AeriskxBKK'15 0092 AeriskxBKK'15 0093 AeriskxBKK'15 0095Dessert Time!!

AeriskxBKK'15 0099 AeriskxBKK'15 0098 AeriskxBKK'15 0096

Thai Tea Ice cream!!! (It’s taste like Teh Tarik in Malaysia! Haha)

AeriskxBKK'15 0097 AeriskxBKK'15 0100

|  Drinking and Game Session @ Poolside, The Eugenia Hotel  |

For more game session please refer the video at top of this blogpost!

AeriskxBKK'15 0119 AeriskxBKK'15 0129 AeriskxBKK'15 0128 AeriskxBKK'15 0126 AeriskxBKK'15 0167 AeriskxBKK'15 0165 AeriskxBKK'15 0131

Yes, our first night end like this! Haha! Stay tune for more video and blogpost about my BKK trip!!

See ya :B

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